Planet X3 Official Soundtrack (Digital Download)


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Digital download of Planet X3 Official Soundtrack. These are full 24 bit 44.1 kHz wave files and some Mp3s (of PC speaker, Tandy 3-Voice, Adlib and MT-32 versions) for the best listening experience. You also get a copy of the introduction video (Total file size: approx. 3.7 GB)
(Note: No refunds available for this product since it’s a digital download)

Track listing:

Anders Enger Jensen:
01: Journey to Planet X3
02: Apprehension
03: Exploring the Planet
04: Building a Colony
05: Jungle Fever
06: Winter is coming
07: Valiant Fighters
08: Crushing Defeat
09: End Credits (Tribute to Frank, Paul & Dwight)

Noah Aman:
01: Fight for the Future
02: Jungle Vibes
03: Kleplackin’ Heat
04: Plan Ahead
05: New Lands
06: Into Battle
07: Let the Soldiers rest
08: No more fighting
09: The X2 Anthem


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