Retro Grooves Vol. 3 (Digital Download)

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Digital download of Retro Grooves Vol. 3. These are full 24 bit 44.1 kHz wavefiles for the best listening experience. All 31 tracks with cover art. (File size: approx. 2.5 GB)
(Note: No refunds available for this product since it’s a digital download)

Track listing:

01: Dancing Hearts ℗2018
02: A song long ago ℗2018
03: Technics K200 song ℗2018
04: The Gathering ℗2018
5: FM Love ℗2018
06: Escape your fear ℗2018
07: Thinking of you ℗2018
08: DiscoVision ℗2018
09: Summer Love ℗2018
10: Let’s Fly ℗2018
11: Borderline ℗2018
12: Hohner PSK-30 Song ℗2018
13: Isabella’s Dream ℗2018
14: Alpha Polaris ℗2018

Bonus tracks:
15: Dancing Heart (Instrumental)
16: A Song Long Ago (Instrumental)
17: A Song Long Ago (No sax)
18: The Gathering (Instrumental)
19: The Gathering (No samples)
20: FM Love (Instrumental)
21: Escape Your Fear (Instrumental)
22: Escape Your Fear (Singback)
23: Thinking of You (Instrumental)
24: DiscoVision (Instrumental)
25: DiscoVision (No samples)
26: Summer Love (Instrumental)
27: Let’s Fly (Instrumental)
28: Let’s Fly (Singback)
29: Borderline (Instrumental)
30: Hohner PSK-30 Song  (Instrumental)
31: Isabella’s Dream (Instrumental)

1 review for Retro Grooves Vol. 3 (Digital Download)

  1. Chisako Yume (verified owner)

    Vol.3 can’t be described as easy as Vol.1 and Vol.2 – The songs vary in style but I think they are all great and make a nice extension to the previous Volumes.
    And while I personally don’t like real voices on this kind of music, I really appreciate that instrumental versions of these songs have been included

    Additional copies as MP3 files for mobile use (like mp3 players or phones with limited storage) would have been neat. I guess I can fix that for myself rather easily though.

    I really recommend this if you bought the previous Volumes as well and of course if you are just into retro and/or electronic music.

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