Retro Grooves Vol. 3 (Cassette)


Volume three of of my retro inspired song collection. Produced on high quality ferro tape, approx. one hour of music. Price includes worldwide shipping and digital download with 24 bit wavs and album art.

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Volume three of my series with retro inspired music on music cassette. Approx. one hour of music recorded on high quality ferro tape.

Price includes worldwide shipping. US residents will save some on shipping by ordering from  The 8-Bit Guy’s Webshop, but you’re free to order here if you still want to. Includes digital download with 24 bit wavs and album art.

Printed at in Canada.

Track listing:

01: Dancing Hearts ℗2018
02: A song long ago ℗2018
03: Technics K200 song ℗2018
04: The Gathering ℗2018
5: FM Love ℗2018
06: Escape your fear ℗2018
07: Thinking of you ℗2018

08: DiscoVision ℗2018
09: Summer Love ℗2018
10: Let’s Fly ℗2018
11: Borderline ℗2018
12: Hohner PSK-30 Song ℗2018
13: Isabella’s Dream ℗2018
14: Alpha Polaris ℗2018

Bonus tracks (Digital download only):
15: Dancing Heart (Instrumental)
16: A Song Long Ago (Instrumental)
17: A Song Long Ago (No sax)
18: The Gathering (Instrumental)
19: The Gathering (No samples)
20: FM Love (Instrumental)
21: Escape Your Fear (Instrumental)
22: Escape Your Fear (Singback)
23: Thinking of You (Instrumental)
24: DiscoVision (Instrumental)
25: DiscoVision (No samples)
26: Summer Love (Instrumental)
27: Let’s Fly (Instrumental)
28: Let’s Fly (Singback)
29: Borderline (Instrumental)
30: Hohner PSK-30 Song  (Instrumental)
31: Isabella’s Dream (Instrumental)

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Dimensions 7 × 1.7 × 10.7 cm


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