Retro Grooves Vol. 3 (MiniDisc™)


**** Due to a huge and unsuspected demand, I’m currently out of stock, but have re-ordered a new batch so you can back-order if you want one. Delivery from the manufacturer will be a couple of weeks at least though.  ****

Volume three of of my retro inspired song collection. Produced on high quality MiniDisc™, approx. one hour of music. Price includes worldwide shipping and digital download with 24 bit wavs and album art.

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Volume three of my series with retro inspired music on that lovely 90s MiniDisc™. Approx. one hour of music recorded on high quality ferro tape.

Price includes worldwide shipping. Includes digital download with 24 bit wavs and album art.

Printed at in Canada.

Track listing:

Track listing:
01: Dancing Hearts ℗2018
02: A song long ago ℗2018
03: Technics K200 song ℗2018
04: The Gathering ℗2018
5: FM Love ℗2018
06: Escape your fear ℗2018
07: Thinking of you ℗2018
08: DiscoVision ℗2018
09: Summer Love ℗2018
10: Let’s Fly ℗2018
11: Borderline ℗2018
12: Hohner PSK-30 Song ℗2018
13: Isabella’s Dream ℗2018
14: Alpha Polaris ℗2018

Bonus tracks (Digital download only):
15: Dancing Heart (Instrumental)
16: A Song Long Ago (Instrumental)
17: A Song Long Ago (No sax)
18: The Gathering (Instrumental)
19: The Gathering (No samples)
20: FM Love (Instrumental)
21: Escape Your Fear (Instrumental)
22: Escape Your Fear (Singback)
23: Thinking of You (Instrumental)
24: DiscoVision (Instrumental)
25: DiscoVision (No samples)
26: Summer Love (Instrumental)
27: Let’s Fly (Instrumental)
28: Let’s Fly (Singback)
29: Borderline (Instrumental)
30: Hohner PSK-30 Song  (Instrumental)
31: Isabella’s Dream (Instrumental)

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Dimensions 7 × 1.7 × 10.7 cm


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