Planet X3 Official Soundtrack (Digital Download)

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Digital download of Planet X3 Official Soundtrack. These are full 24 bit 44.1 kHz wave files and some Mp3s (of PC speaker, Tandy 3-Voice, Adlib and MT-32 versions) for the best listening experience. You also get a copy of the introduction video (Total file size: approx. 3.7 GB)
(Note: No refunds available for this product since it’s a digital download)

Track listing:

Anders Enger Jensen:
01: Journey to Planet X3
02: Apprehension
03: Exploring the Planet
04: Building a Colony
05: Jungle Fever
06: Winter is coming
07: Valiant Fighters
08: Crushing Defeat
09: End Credits (Tribute to Frank, Paul & Dwight)

Noah Aman:
01: Fight for the Future
02: Jungle Vibes
03: Kleplackin’ Heat
04: Plan Ahead
05: New Lands
06: Into Battle
07: Let the Soldiers rest
08: No more fighting
09: The X2 Anthem

1 review for Planet X3 Official Soundtrack (Digital Download)

  1. Chisako Yume (verified owner)

    Now this is really a great bundle.

    Having multiple versions of the songs from different audio sources is simply amazing. Of course, if you happen to have the means to listen to the game on the respective hardware, it may not so special but for me this is just a great experience.
    My personal favourites are the AdLib and sc-55 versions, although they all sound fantastic. (Except for PC Speaker version, which may have it’s own charme i guess.)
    The intro video which is included is a really neat bonus that makes me want to play the game as well.

    Since it came at a more than just reasonable price, i can only recommend this.

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