Retro Grooves Vol. 1 (Digital Download)

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Digital download of Retro Grooves Vol. 1. These are full 24 bit 44.1 kHz wavefiles for the best listening experience. All 29 tracks with cover art. (File size: 1.8 GB)
(Note: No refunds available for this product since it’s a digital download)

Track listing:
01:8-Bit Keys Theme Remix
02: Legacy of the 90s
03: A Moment’s Delight
04: Roland CM-32L Song
05: Aurora Borealis
06: Return of the 80s
07: Ode to Hanna Remix
08: Stargazer
09: The Shores of Alqualondë
10: Kindred Spirits
11: Voyage to Andromeda
12: Contrails
13: Song for Thelma
14: 8-Bit Keys Intro Remix
15: 8-Bit Keys Intro MT-32-version
16: 8-Bit Voyager
17: Crystal Starlight
18: Vanguard
19: LA-Love
20: 64-Bit Controller
21: Dreams Inc.
22: Robots R Us Remix
23: Clavis Aurea
24: Summer in Andromeda
25: The Norwegian Blue
26: Wave Journey
27: 8-Bit Reggae
28: Starlight
29: Serenity

2 reviews for Retro Grooves Vol. 1 (Digital Download)

  1. tigromvivo (verified owner)

    Fun selection of retro-sounding grooves, as the name implies, with the inspiration of Anders as the composer. Many of them you may already know from the 8-Bit Guy and 8-Bit Keys videos. Good quality wave files to download. Recommended.

  2. Chisako Yume (verified owner)

    These are really good songs that fit into most collections of 80s and early 90s (electronic) music I would say.
    Dspite that a lot of these songs could even played at clubs or discotheques today i think.

    I also appreciate that lossless files are included too so I can get the best sound quality from my stationary audio setup.

    I really recommend it to anyone who likes either retro or electronic music or both.
    There is nothing negative I can say about it.

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