Retro Grooves Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

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Digital download of Retro Grooves Vol. 2. These are full 24 bit 44.1 kHz wavefiles for the best listening experience. All 22 tracks with cover art. (File size: 1.6 GB)
(Note: No refunds available for this product since it’s a digital download)

Track listing:

01: Générique Top 50 ℗2017
02: Orion By Night ℗2017
03: Mario Kart 64 Remix ℗2017
04: Morning Dew ℗2017
05: Autumn Dancing ℗2017
06: Portal Love ℗2017
07: Cassiopeia’s Dance ℗2013
08: Falling In Love With You ℗2017
09: You Make Me Smile ℗2017
10: Atari Junk Keyboard Remix ℗2017
11: Parallax Nova ℗2017
12: 64 Dreams ℗2017
13: Retro Runner ℗2017

Bonus tracks:
14: 8-Bit Voyager (Instrumental)
15: 64 Dreams (Instrumental)
16: Autumn Dancing (Instrumental)
17: Falling In Love With You (Instrumental)
18: MarioKart 64 Remix (Instrumental)
19: MarioKart 64 Remix (Instrumental, no game effects)
20: Morning Dew (Instrumental)
21: Orion By Night (Instrumental)
22: You Make Me Smile (Instrumental)

1 review for Retro Grooves Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

  1. Chisako Yume (verified owner)

    This is very different from Vol 1. but not in a bad way.
    I would describe most of the songs in here as relaxing or pleasant to listen to. Maybe it’s even suitable for listening to while doing something productive.

    I would have loved to get some mp3-copies as well this time since my portable devices can’t use WAV-Format but I guess i can figure out a solution for that.

    It’s still very recommendable if you like this kind of music.

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